Calibration Service

Accurately calibrated weights are the foundation for accurate weighing results

Calibration Service

  • Service Offering

Balances or scales should always be checked with reference weights that you can rely on and trust. Our accredited mass laboratories clean, calibrate and adjust your weights, then document the results in calibration certificates with details of conventional mass correction, uncertainty and traceability information according to ISO/IEC 17025.

  • Calibrating, Passion at Work

Our unmatched global network of 14 calibration laboratories across Europe, the Americas and Asia guarantee fast and cost-effective mass calibration. Our metrology staff are passionate about their calibration work, to ensure you receive first class service as well as continuously improved results.

  • Using State-of-the-Art Robotic Mass Comparators

The combination of robotic technology and world-class mass comparators delivers proven reliability and outstanding measurement performance.

  • Scope up to 5 t

Scopes range from OIML E to M classes and ASTM classes. For heavy-duty weights, services cover all steps from re-painting to calibration, even for weights up to 5 t.

  • Professional Weight Cleaning

Weights up to 50 kg undergo treatment in a total of six separate customized baths. Each weight is cleaned and stabilized in a fully automated process prior to calibration to ensure uniform surface conditions.

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