The 850kW ECHESA GE850PL gearbox, that has been proven through the reliable operation of over 5000MW of Gamesa’s G5X turbines, and still continues to create customer value which each delivered unit by means of the most robust and cost-efficient bearing arrangement.

Reliability & excellent performance

The main features of the ECHESA GE850PL gearbox are:

  • modular 3-stage architecture with torque arms to the main frame
  • spur and helical gearing1 made from high grade alloy steels
  • structural castings made from high quality spheroidal graphite iron
  • lubrication by splash and electrical and mechanical pump injection

The ECHESA GE850PL gearbox, fitted nowadays to Gamesa’s G52 Class IA and G58 Classes IIA/IIB wind turbines, assures optimum performance for low, medium and high winds, making it one of the most reliable and profitable solutions available in the market today.

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Rated power
[kW]              850
–                    61.764:1                74.470:1
Input torque
[kNm]          340.6                   342.1 
Input speed
[rpm]           26.22                   26.10 
Oil type
–                   ISO VG 320
Oil fill quantity
[litre]           110
Dry mass
[kg]             5750
Overall dimensions2
[mm]         1910/1240/1664 (standard breather)
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Low-speed shaft
Two spherical roller bearings
Planet shaft
Two integrated cylindrical roller bearings
Low-speed intermediate shaft
Two spherical roller bearings
High-speed intermediate shaft
Two cylindrical roller bearings
High-speed shaft
Cylindrical roller bearing and two tapered roller bearings in X-configuration

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