In the natural course of our technological development we have developed the new 2.5MW gBOX2.5 platform with the objective of reducing the cost of energy for this production

The 4.5MW gBOX4.5 platform proves we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to develop gearboxes that optimize the torque to mass ratio. By means of its innovative modular design and technology, maximum reliability and compliance with the most demanding standards are ensured.

As result of our strategic evolution, we widened our offering by developing the 5.0MW gBOX5.0 offshore/onshore platform. Based on the innovative modular design and technology well proven in the gBOX4.5 4.5MW platform and the operating know-how and experience, maximum reliability

Our track record coupled with deep knowledge of market demands has enabled us to create a 2MW Echesa series GE2000PL gearbox that features significant innovation in terms of design and performance.

The 850kW ECHESA GE850PL gearbox, that has been proven through the reliable operation of over 5000MW of Gamesa’s G5X turbines, and still continues to create customer value which each delivered unit by means of the most robust and cost-efficient bearing arrangement.

As part of our evolutionary development process, the 700kW ECHESA GE700PL gearbox inherits technologies, components, and subsystems previously deployed and proven through the reliable operation of over 5 000MW of Gamesa’s 700kW turbines.

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