As part of our evolutionary development process, the 700kW ECHESA GE700PL gearbox inherits technologies, components, and subsystems previously deployed and proven through the reliable operation of over 5 000MW of Gamesa’s 700kW turbines.

Enhanced performance & availability

The main features of the ECHESA GE700PL gearbox are:

  • modular 3-stage architecture with torque arms to the main frame
  • spur and helical gearing1 made from high grade alloy steels
  • structural castings made from high quality spheroidal graphite iron
  • lubrication by splash and electrical and mechanical pump injection

By incorporating technology enhancements, the ECHESA GE700PL gearbox, fitted to Gamesa’s G47 Class S wind turbine, promises to deliver nearly 75% more planet gear bearing load capacity compared to other makes. Additionally, there is a 90% nominal increase in ring gear fatigue life making it one of the most profi table and reliable solutions available in the market today.

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Rated power
[kW]                700
–                      52.734:1              63.582:1
Input torque
[kNm]            239.4                  240.5
Input speed
[rpm]             30.72                  30.57
Oil type
–                     ISO VG 320
Oil fill quantity
[litre]             110
Dry mass
[kg]                5750
Overall dimensions2
[mm]             1910/1240/1592 (standard breather)
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Low-speed shaft
Two spherical roller bearings
Planet shaft
Two integrated cylindrical roller bearings
Low-speed intermediate shaft
Two spherical roller bearings
High-speed intermediate shaft
Two cylindrical roller bearings
High-speed shaft
Cylindrical roller bearing and two tapered roller bearings in X-configuration

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