InVision™ Smart Scale

Combine weighing technology and camera recognition for 100% quality kits


Highest Quality Kits

Zero missing parts is a reality with InVision™ as your second set of eyes on every package. When you reduce the risk of human error in manual picking processes, you can achieve 100% quality kits and maximize customer satisfaction.


Up to 30% Better Productivity

InVision™ combines guided working steps and intuitive process verification with smart workstation design, leading to increased operator efficiency. See productivity improvements of up to 30% and get more out of your processes.


100% Process Traceability

Benefit from automatic data and image capture with every kit. Send the information to your connected ERP or MES for simplified track-and-trace documentation.


Smart Algorithm for Failsafe Results

A smart machine-learning algorithm combines camera recognition and weighing for twice the process quality verification. InVision™ is able to identify parts that are very similar in weight or appearance, detecting differences in shape, size, weight and color. The smart algorithm combines the two technologies for optimal parts-identification results in milliseconds.


User-Friendly HMI Boosts Processes

Eliminate sources of operator error with guided working steps. The intuitive touchscreen combines image cues with written text for easy viewing of each step. The colorWeight® mode supports operators with clear result indication and can subsequently speed-up processing times. The dynamic display uses different colors to indicate at a glance if counted material is below, within or above the target - requiring less concentration, and providing better overall performance.

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