Bottle Unscrambler

Rotary machine with mechanical operation system to feed containers to the bottling line automatically. Available to handle almost any kind of plastic containers (PET, PVC or POLIPROPILENE).

The machine has a:

  • Container Storage hopper which could be supplied with soundproof cover.
  • Selection disk with rotating system to detect and reject those containers deformed or larger.
  • Starwheel which sends the containers and guides them towards the filling devices. On the conveyor there is installed an automatic mechanism to avoid the accumulation of containers.

This way the machine will work at the correct speed all the time.
All the parts in contact with the containers are built in stainless steel AISI 304. Safety doors according to the CEE regulations.


Optional equipments:

  1. Vacuum system in the outlet conveyor.
  2. Bottle extractor.
  3. Bottle elevator feeder.
  4. Production monitoring programme.
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P-121200142513000,5 KwS/Bottle
P-171720201019201 Kw60004000
P-222120241021001 Kw100008000
P-242320256021001,1 Kw1200010000
P-292940328023002,2 Kw1500012000
P-323250347523002,2 Kw2000015000
P-383820415022402,2 Kw2400018000

37604494 / 33389620

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