Grip Handle Test Weights

Safe handling through smart engineering

Special design ensures safe stacking and flexible loadings

Safe and Fast Stacking

Weights can be stacked safely as the rim allows proper centering

Unmatched Flexibility

Weight carriers can take as much as 8 x 20 kg, bringing the maximum load including carrier to 200 kg

Designed for heavy-duty operation within harsh conditions

For harsh Environment

These favorably priced weights are perfect for frequent testing


A serial number allows to track and assign weights to weighing equipment

Perfect to satisfy highest requirements in regulated industries

Best Long-Term Stability

Forging process ensures best possible corrosion resistance

Safely Boxed and Protected

Weights are delivered in sturdy, stackable and lockable aluminum boxes

Economic approach for general industrial application

A Protection Tough as Nails

A two-component coating for toughest corrosion-, and mechanical abrasion resistance

Clear Weight Class Identification

Color codes are a fast and safe way to identify the weight class

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