Rubber Screens and Polyurethane Screens

Rubber screens have a much longer lifespan and reduced noise levels compared to wire screens, they also have a lower opening screening area on smaller apertures.

Rubber Screen Mats

our rubber mats are manufactured from high wear resistant materials, therefore ideal as complete decks on larger screen boxes or an impact section. Available in a range of square or slotted apertures, they suit all types of grading requirements. 

Modular Systems and Polyurethane Screens

Our polyurethane screens, are built with metal cable reinforcement, increasing the polyurethane’s resistance to strain and load by absorbing tension. Flexibility is ideal when screening materials build up on screening surfaces or wedge during screening. In addition, we manufacture to any size and specification to enable them to fit any machine.


Polyurethane is the ideal material for screening as it’s abrasion resistant and flexible enough to avoid material build up. PU works perfectly in both wet and dry screening applications. Modular systems are made to any shape, size and also strength.


Customised for any machine and client specification, therefore completely interchangeable with other systems. This system is ideal for dewatering and screening. In addition panels are very quickly replaced without the need for specialist knowledge or tools.


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