Forklift Scales

These scales save time and money by enabling forklift trucks to weigh loads accurately.

The PTA45_ pallet scales are dedicated for pallet weighing in dry and wet environments

Robust, Safe, Accurate Pallet Weighing

Accurately weigh pallets in tough, industrial environments.

Weigh on the Move

METTLER TOLEDO Forklift scales is a cost effective solution to speeding up your pallet weighing processes by weighing as you drive

Maintained High Accuracy

Regardless of environmental disturbances, METTLER TOLEDO forklift scales retains calibration for 12 months.

Designed for Safety and Uptime

Designed for tough industrial use, our forklift scales can withstand an overload of 150%

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Easy installation with a hang-on scale has your forklift ready to weigh in under 30 minutes, without affecting its warranty.

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