gBOX 5.0

As result of our strategic evolution, we widened our offering by developing the 5.0MW gBOX5.0 offshore/onshore platform. Based on the innovative modular design and technology well proven in the gBOX4.5 4.5MW platform and the operating know-how and experience, maximum reliability, optimal cost of energy and compliance with the most demanding standards are ensured.

Adapted to marine environment

Design and validation concepts applied to the gBOX4.5 development, only comparable to those used in demanding industries, such as aerospace, enable us to assure gearbox reliability from the first day in operation.

The main features of the gBOX5.0 platform are:

  • 2-stage (plus one high-speed module) compact drivetrain with main shaft transmitting bending
    moments to the main frame
  • all gears1 made from high grade alloy steels
  • structural castings made from high quality spheroidal graphite iron
  • lubrication by splash and electrical pump injection – oil bath ensures all gears, bearings & splines are lubricated during grid loss conditions

The gBOX5.0 platform, nowadays used in the Gamesa G128 Classes IA/IIA, G128 offshore Class IB,
G132 Classes IB/IIA and G136/G140 IIIA wind turbines, provides clear evidence of the platform’s
reliability, ease of assembly and operation, and state-of-the-art technologies becoming reality.

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–                5.0i41
Rated power
[kW]         5000
–                41.41:1
Input torque
[kNm]      4450
Input speed
[rpm]       11.83
Oil type
–               ISO VG 320
Oil fill quantity2
[litre]       700
Dry mass3
[kg]         36050
Overall dimensions4
[mm]      2540/2985
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Low-speed shaft & intermediate-speed planet shaft
Two rows of integrated tapered (or cylindrical) roller bearings in O-configuration
Intermediate-speed shaft
Deep groove ball bearing
High-speed shaft
Two tapered roller bearings in O-configuration

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