Rail Scales / Railroad Weighing Scales

Designed for easy and accurate weighing of rail cars to speed up throughput without compromising safety.

For weighing stationary rail cars.


Premium materials and manufacturing for lasting performance


Proven structural designs for demanding applications

Weighs rail cars as they travel across a section of railroad track.


The fastest method of weighing multiple rail cars


Withstands heavy loads and challenging environments year after year

Retrofit older scales by adding the latest vehicle weighing technology to eliminate problems and extend the life of your scale.

Eliminate the Causes of Failures

Put an end to frequent downtime and high repair costs

Protect Profitability

Solve hidden weighing errors that drain profit from transactions

A section of rail for weighing rail cars combined with an integral concrete deck for weighing trucks.

Superior Strength

Built to handle the loading points of multiple vehicles


Meet multiple vehicle weighing needs in one scale to save space and money.

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