BARFLEX ® Couplings

The TCBR barrel coupling consists of a sleeve and a hub having the same tooth profiles. A series of hardened steel cylindrical barrels are inserted in the holes formed by this hub and sleeve toothing to act as power transmission elements.

Features and Benefits:

  • About 10% higher torque capacity than the TCB-HD coupling, allowing a more favorable size selection and thus an important cost saving.
  • Assembly time reduction
  • Increased axial misalignment tolerance
  • Improved visual wear indicator: easier to read the wear.

Jaure® BARFLEX TCBR barrel coupling is specially designed for installation in cranes & hoisting applications to connect the cable drum with the gear box output shaft. This coupling is also used in steel mills, winch and conveying applications, as well as in stackers and reclaimers.

The barrel coupling consists of a sleeve which is provided with semicircular toothing around its internal diameter and a hub which is provided with similar kind of toothing over its external diameter. A series of specially hardened barrels are inserted inside the hub and sleeve pockets.

The TCBR coupling is equipped with a modern mechanical wear indicator system. The specially designed pointer/indicator is mounted on the cover which moves relative to the axially mounted square pin on the hub as a function of wear, permits control of internal wear of the toothing without the need to disassemble any part of the coupling.

Optionally, an electronic wear indicator feature is also available on demand. This allows the user to monitor wear remotely.

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