Hydro Screens | Hydrodam Screens | Fish Screens

We are experienced in the design and also manufacture of wedge wire screens, including hydro screens and fish screens, used for separation screening.

Hydro Screens | Hydrodam Screens | Fish Screens

Fish screens used for separation screening in hydropower intakes, furthermore, they are designed to protect fish by preventing them swimming or being drawn into an aqueduct, intake towers, cooling water intake and dams. Fish and hydro screens provide separation screening without harming aquatic life. Wedge wire screens are used in the renewable energy industry and also the recycling of water.

Case Study - Wedge Wire Coanda Screens

Screen Systems provide bespoke wedge wire panels often used within a hydropower system. This a sustainable renewable energy solution that uses river watercourses to turn the waters energy into electricity, as a result the electricity can be used locally or sold to the electrical distribution network. Our screens are self-cleaning which result in a largely maintenance free operation saving time and also cost. Wedge wire screens have been successfully used for debris exclusion across the world including hydropower plant intakes, water conservation schemes and also irrigation programs.

Slot gap sizes can be specified to screen debris, the gaps can be any size from 0.25mm–2mm. These coanda screens were manufactured from highly resilient stainless steel 316. The construction is resistant to abrasive material and corrosion, screens are also available in stainless steel 304.

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