MT Couplings

The Jaure® MT coupling is a steel double-joint coupling. Main function is to transmit torque and at the same time accommodate the misalignment between two shafts through sliding of the mating gears.

Features and Benefits:

  • Jaure® couplings offer maximum torque capacity. This is due to the optimum pitch diameter of the gears, providing reliability.
  • High permissible hub bore allows more favorable size selection of the coupling for a certain shaft diameter. This offers an important economic saving.
  • High permissible additional loads for starting and short-circuit peak torque.
  • Highest gear accuracy and quality thanks to the production improvements obtained with new CNC gear cutting machines and automatic charge systems.
  • The design, manufacture, and sale of all Jaure gear couplings and drive components are integrated into the Jaure Quality System.

The Jaure MT coupling range meets the AGMA standard, meaning that the MT coupling sleeves and drilled holes will fit any AGMA coupling halves. This ensures the interchangeability of coupling halves.

The MT coupling is torsionally stiff and formed by two crowned hubs which engage two flanged sleeves with internal straight parallel teeth.

As a result of the teeth curvature, if shafts misalignment occurs, the crowned teeth hubs can oscillate in the flanged sleeve.

Standard and special design couplings are available. Special designs according to customer needs often come from close co-operation with our R&D and engineering departments.

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