Static Rail Scales

Motionless weighing with high accuracy


Highly Accurate Static Weighing

For accurate weighing of individual rail cars that have stopped moving, let us convert a section of your railroad track into a scale. The rail scale is designed for durability with accurate weighing results year after year.

VRS241 Rail Scale

Reliable Weighing for Static or In-Motion Rail Cars

No matter how demanding your application is, METTLER TOLEDO has a railroad track scale to handle the job. VRS241 scales are available for static weighing or coupled in-motion weighing. Choose between two deck options: a concrete deck with manholes and a steel deck with removable plates. Both provide easy access to the load cell network. VRS241 scales are designed to handle the massive loads applied by rail traffic. They are built to last, with the strongest structural components fully supporting the rails. METTLER TOLEDO scales are designed to weigh rail cars safely, accurately, and reliably.

  • Static Weighing

The static version of the VRS241 scale weighs uncoupled rail cars that are stopped on the scale. A typical installation consists of two weighbridges that are spaced to provide single-draft weighing for various lengths of rail cars.

The coupled in-motion (CIM) version of  the scale weighs rail cars that are coupled together and moving across the scale at 3 to 5 miles per hour. It makes weighing quicker and safer by eliminating the need to uncouple rail cars and position them on a static scale.

  • In-Motion Weighing


7260 Rail Scale

Static Scale for Weighing Individual Rail Cars

7260 rail scales provide accurate weighing of rail cars. Static scales are designed for weighing an individual rail car that is stopped on the scale. Weighbridge converts a section of railroad track into a scale. Weighbridge is designed to meet AREMA requirements for Cooper E-80 loading. POWERCELL load cells transmit a powerful signal for accurate, reliable weighing.

Specifications – 7260 Rail Scale
Maximum Capacity340000.0 lb
Readability50 lb
Trade Namedigitol
Features and Benefits
  • Length: 12.5´ to 250´
  • Steel deck standard, concrete deck option
  • Single draft, dual draft, continuous length, coupled in-motion
  • Custom scales for all rail sizes and gauges
  • 12.5´ coupled, in-motion weighing option
  • Pandrol e-clip rail fastening system option
  • Durable stainless steel junction box stands
  • Steel blasted to SSPC-SP6
  • POWERCELL load cells with self-diagnostic capabilities
  • Top access covers
  • NEMA 4X stainless steel junction boxes
  • Cables with stainless steel sheath
  • Lightning protection system prevents damage

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