Floor Scales / Floor Scale with Ramp

Solutions to Increase Productivity and Ensure Accuracy

Floor scales that bring laboratory precision to the production environment providing the highest accuracy to ensure high quality and compliance.

Precise in Harsh Applications

Rugged structure guarantees high precision and reliability, even under harsh conditions

Reliable Performance

Repeatable results for optimized production processes


Wide range, multi-interval ensure complex process productivity and cost effectiveness

Digital floor scales that increase yields by delivering new process accuracies through Real-Time Operator Guidance to increase precision and eliminate waste.

Maximize Yields

Run your process at peak performance for consistent and high quality products

Process Faster

Real-Time Operator Guidance provides quick verification of properly placed goods for easy, error-free operation

Half the Maintenance

Reduce costs, holds calibration twice as long and provides performance status in real time

Floor scales tailored for specific industries and unique applications

Rugged Construction

Built for heavy industrial and heavy capacity use

Tailored for your Needs

Benefit from our breadth of experience

Expert Knowledge

Benefit from our breadth of experience

Stainless steel floor scales provide excellent weighing in wet, clean and hygienic environments

Ingress protection

Immune to water, humidity and wash-down

Hygienic design

Fully compliant with your hygienic demands

Easy Clean

Easy-to-lift, open structure for easy cleaning

Accurate and reliable weighing in logistics or warehouse applications

Fit your requirements

A variety of floor platforms to match your application's requirements

Rugged construction

Built for heavy industrial use


Accurate and reliable weighing, everytime

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