SmartShelf Weighing Pad

Weighing pads for remote inventory and replenishment solutions


Never Run Out of Stock

Get stable and easy-to-use digital communication of stock. Digital integration ensures your stock levels do not run low, allowing for a smoother process, satisfied operators and customers. 


Track Your Valuables

Weighing is very useful for tracking all types of materials that cannot be dispensed or controlled in traditional ways. Vending machines offer full accountability, saving valuable assets from excessive use.


Check Stock Remotely

Weighing sensors can be digitally integrated into SmartShelf pads. This digital communication allows you to check the weight of any bin anywhere with an internet connection.


Pick and Pack Accurately

Weight sensors can be used to determine the extraction of different parts required for a kit, this ensures that the kit contains the correct parts and quantities, helping to create an error-free process.

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