Automated, semi-automatic, and manual batching controllers and custom material-transfer control solutions can enhance batch quality and profits.

IND780batch Batching Controller
IND780 Q.iMPACT Material Transfer Controller

Feed the Exact Amount of Material in the Shortest Amount of Time, Every Time With Q.impact the terminal becomes the ideal controller to master the feed measurement, management and cutoff portion of batching, blending, filling, dosing or formulation processes.


When verifying inventory, packing parts in containers, or confirming production quantities, every part is important.

Accurate Counting Solutions

When verifying inventory, packing parts in containers or confirming production quantities, every part is important. METTLER TOLEDO is the leader in precision parts-counting technology, ensuring that only the right number of parts are delivered to you or your customer. We provide counting solutions with all levels of accuracy and functionality to make parts-counting solutions simple and cost effective.

ICS4/6 Counting Scales in Action

The full-line of METTLER TOLEDO counting scales gives you mobility, full barcode scanning and printing, a database configured to your specific needs, as well as full communication to your inventory/logistics planning and management systems. Sampling methods, operator messages and automatic accuracy improvements are user configurable.

Data Communications

Communication capabilities such as USB, RS232/485, Ethernet TCP/IP and automation such as Profibus®, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™, or DeviceNet®, provide data to your network.

Precise measurement

Filling, Dosing and Dispensing

When filling Intermediate Bulk Containers, totes, drums, sacks or vehicles; you need very fast, precise, and repeatable results.

Drum, IBC and Big-Bag Filling
Small Volume Filling
Bottle and Can Filling
Truck and Railcar Filling

When you fill tons of product into a truck or railcar, measurement accuracy is critical. Unlike flowmeters, weighing ensures you are not giving away expensive product or overcharging customers. Our truck and rail scales can be easily integrated with your filling systems for unsurpassed accuracy and confidence in all of your transactions.


If valuable raw materials need to be added accurately to produce the right mixture the METTLER TOLEDO line of terminals and scale bases is the right choice.

Simple Formulation

A repeatable formulation process starts with accurate weighing. Simple paper-based operations can be enhanced with scale terminals that feature visual tolerance indication with weighing bars and color displays.  Documentation and traceability are achieved by attaching a printer to record actual material quantities.



Terminal-based Recipe Management

Scale terminals with integrated recipe management provide an additional level of process control in a compact package.  Raw materials, lot numbers, and operator messages can be stored for easy operator recall. Confirmation of process steps with a connected barcode reader ensures the production is both comfortable and secure.

Formulation Software Solutions

Whether production requires manual or automatic dispensing, or a combination of the two, centralized formulation systems can unite workplace flexibility with rigid process control.  Configurable software and operator friendly workstations can optimize the weighing process to eliminate errors, streamline utilization, and reduce material waste.  Incorporation of industry standards, such as S88, integration with ERP systems and validation support for regulatory environments ensure a complete and robust solution.

Hazardous-Area Weighing

Combine proven safety in hazardous areas with uncompromised weighing accuracy and performance. Approvals for ATEX, FM, IECEx and local regulations ensure compliance worldwide.

Highest protection level

Accurate and consistent filling, dosing and batching are essential to ensure consistently high product quality. When choosing the right weighing equipment for hazardous areas, the correct classification and the appropriate method of ignition protection must be considered. Installing intrinsically safe weighing instruments ensures accurate and reliable weighing results at highest protection levels.

Safety by design
Broad product portfolio
Expertise and comprehensive service

In-Motion Weighing

Dynamic checkweighers and components for customized solutions to verify filling quantity of consumer goods and completeness of shipments in eBusiness.

Filling Control for Food and Cosmetics
eBusiness Quality Control and Rate Computing

Over/Under Checkweighing

When it comes to manual filling, portioning or quality control, factors such as speed, throughput and quality have an important part to play.

Manual Checkweighing

In any production, manual checkweighing is a common final control check to make sure customers receive the exact amount of product indicated on the label. Usually, manual checkweighing is a repetitive task and an operator is under constant time pressure to ensure all products are within a pre-defined weight range. METTLER TOLEDO provides different manual checkweighing scales, offering improved process accuracy, speed and ergonomics.


Traditional Checkweighing
Food Portioning
Checkweighing with Take-Away Mode

In the take-away operation, bulk products are placed in a tray on the scale. After activating the take-away mode, the operator takes away handfuls or scoops of product and fills smaller packages with a predefined amount of product. The scale automatically indicates optically if the amount in the hand or scoop is within tolerance and automatically resets the display. This speeds up the procedure without a keystroke from the operator.


Weight-Based Quality Control

Checking quality by weightis a versatile, accurate alternative to check the quality of a wide range of products in the metal, plastics and electronics industry. Completeness of kits, packages or shipments can be checked. Length of cables, application of coatings and completeness of assembly also can be monitored by looking at weight deviations. The verification of products or samples is done manually with traditional checkweighing. The colorWeight® mode allows high throughput and error-free processes.

Simple Weighing

Systematic, uncompromising, and precise, our products provide the exact solution to meet every weighing requirement and fulfil both local weights and measures regulations

Basic Scales for Reliable Simple Weighing

METTLER TOLEDO delivers accurate and reliable results for simple weighing and counting tasks. Check more products in a given time, count exactly, ensure completeness of packages or check whole pallets for their weight quickly with scales dedicated for those basic applications. Benefit from durable construction for long-lasting operation in industrial wet and dusty environments. Meet your everyday weighing requirements and fulfill both local weights and measures regulations and your internal quality standards. Our reliable and rugged weighing instruments are suitable for food, chemical or manufacturing applications.

Fast Operation – Data Managed

Operators benefit from an easy-to-use interface and various applications to meet individual requirements. A variety of communication standards, such as USB or RS232, are available to connect printers and barcode scanners or to download production data or integrate your scales into your system.

Statistical Process and Quality Control

The quality of industrial filling processes varies from 'stable and easy to control' to 'high scatter and difficult to control'.

How to ensure systematic monitoring and control of filling processes
SQC for stable and easy to control processes
SPC for drifting processes

With manual or automatic control and trend control, trends of the product weight are monitored at regular intervals. Deviations in the filling process are identified and sent either manually or by a control pulse to the filling installation.


100% inspection with dynamic checkweighers for high scatter


The consumer should have access to safe medications, medical devices and services through processes that are understood and controlled, and therefore reproducible.

Solution for computer system validation

Tank Load Cell / Silo, Hopper and Vessel Weighing

Liquids, powders, solids, and gases are captured, stored, and processed in many different types of vessels, tanks, hoppers, and unique containers.

Accurate Inventory Control
Compression Weigh Modules
Suspended Weigh Modules

Tanks or hopper scales can be suspended from tension load cells or weigh modules, with accuracy similar to that achievable with compression systems. This mounting method can be convenient if an overhead structure already exists, or if the ground space under the scale must be kept clear. It is applicable for scales with capacities of approximately 20 kilograms (45 lbs.) to 30 tons.

Protected Load Cells
Online Status Information, Easy Cabeling
Safety Tested with Full Load

Wet-Area Weighing

Dedicated weighing solutions with high ingress protection suitable for wet & harsh environments.

Weighing equipment

Weighing equipment, used in continuous wet and harsh environments or exposed to regular cleaning procedures, needs specific protection technologies. Water and humidity, when penetrating a terminal or a load cell, can damage electronic parts, cause corrosion and may lead to incorrect weighing results or a break down. Furthermore, remaining water or humidity on the product contact surface causes an increased potential for bacteria contaminations.

Weighing solutions for wet and harsh environments

METTLER TOLEDO offers dedicated weighing solutions suitable for wet and harsh environments. These solutions include long-lasting equipment, which are rated according to highest ingress protection ratings. An enclosure protected with IP69k must not only be dust-tight, but it must also able to withstand high pressure and steam cleaning.

Preferred construction material
Fast and efficient cleaning procedures food processing

Reduced contamination; fast and efficient cleaning procedures - Equipment used for food processing must be designed and installed according to sound sanitary design principles. We offer dedicated solutions, designed in accordance with leading hygienic guidelines, such as National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) or European Hygienic Equipment Design Group (EHEDG). This ensures efficient and thorough cleaning.

Paint-Mixing Scales

Precise scales are the foundation for producing the right colors. Dedicated refinish solutions combine high-performance weighing with a truly industrial design

Automotive Refinish

Precise scales are the foundation for producing the right colors. Dedicated refinish solutions combine high-performance weighing with a truly industrial design, delivering stable and accurate weighing results under the demanding conditions in an automotive body shop. 

Global approvals allow use in hazardous areas and for legal-for-trade applications. Standardized communication protocols and interfaces make integration into paint mixing software easy. 

We offer a refinish scale for every need and budget.

Bulk Material Handling

Easy-to-install weighing technology provides accurate measurement in harsh environments for conveyors, tanks, silos, hoppers, vehicles and railway

Bulk Food
Building Material and Mining

Equipment for the manufacturing of building material and mining facilities have to cope with temperature changes, including strong wind and thunderstorms. Weighing equipment from METTLER TOLEDO allows expansion and contraction of support structures to ensure accurate weighing regardless of weather conditions. POWERMOUNT® load cells withstand lightning and submersion in water.

Waste Material

Equipment weighing in waste-handling facilities, and especially in steel-recycling melting, has to withstand heat, shock loading and overload situations. Vibrations generated by material handling from cranes and shredders are very common. Sophisticated filter technology inside weighing terminals and transmitters ensure stable and reliable weight results.

Tank, Silo, Hopper Weighing

Gravimetric level control is ideal for aggressive, hot, frozen, non-free-flowing or non-self-leveling materials because load cells are outside of the tank. Measuring results are not impacted by tank shape, temperature or material viscosity. Our weigh modules with POWERCELL® technology reduce downtime with predictive maintenance. The CalFreePlus™ feature eliminates need for re-calibration in the event the cables or load cells have to be replaced.

Truck Weighing
Rail Scales

METTLER TOLEDO rail scales offer rugged designs for durability in numerous configurations, combined with advanced POWERCELL® weighing technology for lasting reliability and high accuracy. Rail scale systems are available for static weighing, and for weighing rail cars that are coupled together and in-motion. Coupled-in-motion (CIM) rail weighing provides the ability to weigh multiple rail cars and entire trains in a fraction of the time.

In-Process Quality Control

In-process completeness control by weighing is a simple and economical solution for parts, modules and kits to identify defective products quickly.

Avoid Expensive Rework
Integrity Verification for Complex Structures
Completeness Control for Kits

Repair, toy or mounting kits often consist of very small and very large parts of different materials, including documentation. Visual completeness control is not effective for checking completeness of parts inside non-transparent packages or when parts are stacked. High-precision weighing can verify completeness despite poor visibility. METTLER TOLEDO offers many solutions from static scales, conveyor scales or weigh modules to incorporate into a machine.

Completeness Control for Modules
Gravimetric Verification for Volumentric Filling Processes
Automated Tablet or Capsule Testing
Verifying Coating and Etching Processes

Products, such as solar wafers, go through several manufacturing steps in which material is added or subtracted. Simple weighing before and after treatment is all that is needed for in-process quality control. High-precision weighing is a simple non-destructive method to verify coating or etching processes. METTLER TOLEDO has a global team of experts that support machine builders and end users in applying weight for manufacturing of all types of electronics.

High Precision Weighing

High precision scale provides the required metro logical performance when consistently accurate measurements are critical and tolerances are tight.

Precision Scale in Industrial Environments
Boost Weighing Process Efficiency

High accuracy weighing scales with a large weighing capacity help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of many weighing processes. For example:

  • In formulation, add a small amount of valuable material to a heavy pre-load
  • In counting, use only one platform as both reference and counting scale
  • Fill and blend gases accurately into heavy gas cylinders
  • Control the completeness of kits and verify the integrity of complex structures
Smart Load-Cell Technology

Truck Weighing

Complete systems designed to perform in nearly any application or environment.

Leading reliability and accuracy for any application

Truck weighing is often integral to a company's throughput and profit stream. METTLER TOLEDO truck scales provide leading reliability and accuracy for any application, from standard duty to extreme. Rugged designs provide a long service life, while smart control systems, interface options, and peripherals offer advantages to your business operations.

As a global leader in measurement, METTLER TOLEDO has solved many of the shortcomings seen in conventional scales through unique innovations.

Comprehensive truck weighing solutions

Upgrades are also available to retrofit scales from many manufacturers to advanced POWERCELL® weighing systems. This is often done to solve issues with reliability, accuracy, lightning, moisture, and more. DataBridge™ scale management software is a powerful addition to any vehicle scale for easy and professional management of weighing transactions.

Comprehensive truck weighing solutions from METTLER TOLEDO provide advantages for years to come, resulting in a great return on your investment.

Rail Weighing

Heavy-duty scales for weighing rail cars in either static or coupled in-motion applications

Rugged designs for durability

METTLER TOLEDO rail scales offer rugged designs for durability in numerous configurations, combined with advanced POWERCELL® weighing technology for lasting reliability and high accuracy.

Rail scale systems are available for static weighing, and for weighing rail cars that are coupled together and in-motion. Coupled-in-motion (CIM) rail weighing provides the ability to weigh multiple rail cars and entire trains in a fraction of the time.

Improve performance of your rail scales

METTLER TOLEDO also offers combination scales designed to weigh both rail cars and over-the-road trucks on a single scale.

Custom-engineered rail solutions can meet the needs of large or special projects with unique requirements for configurations and integration.

Upgrades are also available to improve the performance of existing rail scales. This can include converting older mechanical lever-style rail scales to modern load cell systems as a cost-effective alternative to a new scale.

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