gBOX 2.5

In the natural course of our technological development we have developed the new 2.5MW gBOX2.5 platform with the objective of reducing the cost of energy for this production segment.

Efficiency & uptime increase

The gBOX2.5 platform complements our 2.0MW product range, the market benchmark thanks to its excellent performance and the high returns offered.

The main features of the gBOX2.5 platform are:

  • modular 3-stage architecture with torque arms to the main frame
  • spur and helical gearing1 made from high grade alloy steels
  • structural castings made from high quality spheroidal graphite iron
  • lubrication by splash and electrical and mechanical pump injection

Based on the same technological concepts as the gBOX2.0 platform, the new gBOX2.5 shares many
of its subsystems and so optimizing costs.

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–               2.5i130                2.5i104
Rated power                    
[kW]          2500
–               129.7:1                 103.8:1
Input torque                     
[kNm]        2036
Input speed                       
[rpm]         12.95
Oil type                                
–              ISO VG 320
Oil fill quantity                 
[litre]         460
Dry mass                            
[kg]            20500
Overall dimensions        
[mm]         2800/1880/2774
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Low-speed shaft                                                           
Two cylindrical roller bearings
Low-speed & intermediate-speed planet shaft     
Two integrated cylindrical roller bearings
High-speed intermediate shaft
Two tapered roller bearings in X-configuration
High-speed shaft                                                       
 Cylindrical roller bearing and two TRBs in X-configuration

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