Data Collection and Monitoring Software

Reliable management of your weighing and process data

Edge Device ACI400 IIoT

Provides seamless and secure exchange with Cloud, ERP Weighing and MES systems, assuring Mettler Toledo Industrial weighing equipment is fit for Industry 4.0 applications.
  • Get Ready for Industry 4.0

Enable your operation with the right tools to prepare for Industry 4.0. The ACI400 IIoT Edge device from METTLER TOLEDO is a gateway for the Industrial Internet of Things. It provides an OPC UA server and several MQTT clients for seamless exchange of non-time-critical data between our weighing solutions and your chosen Cloud and ERP/MES systems.

The ACI400 is ideal for customers in the Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, and Transportation & Logistics industries. It enables operations to securely and efficiently manage data and assets with well-established solutions such as Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), IBM and SAP.

  • Ensured Data Security

Data security is a top concern for most production facilities. The ACI400 IIoT Edge  implements certificate-based authentication and encryption to ensure secure connections.  Two 1 GB LAN ports are provided to create separation between the IT network and the  production network, making it easy to fulfil your connectivity requirements. 

  • Designed to Grow with You

Each ACI400 IIoT Edge can connect up to four unique weighing devices. Building on  foundation communication protocols that have been active in METTLER TOLEDO weighing  devices for decades, the ACI400 IIoT Edge is not limited to use with only the newest  products from METTLER TOLEDO. The ACI400 Edge can also connect to older weighing  devices, extending their useful life and saving existing investments from premature phase out.  

  • Engineered for Weighing Automation

The comprehensive parameter set of the ACI400 IIoT Edge device is the result of collaboration among experts in the weighing industry and in industrial automation. It is suitable for all common weighing applications and weight capacities in almost all industries, making it an ideal fit for your infrastructure. 

  • Effortless Configuration

The embedded webserver makes on-site or remote configuration fast and easy to complete. The webserver is also used for updating the ACI400 firmware as new IoT capabilities develop.

Data+ Data Management Software

Powerful data collection and visualization software for monitoring your production process
  • Data Traceability

Eliminate the need to enter data manually on a terminal, and skip directly to entering data on a PC. By streamlining this process, you save effort and increase processing speed up-to 20X’s.

  • Data Management

Do not let your software limit your capabilities – Streamline your data management with a single software, which can store, control and amend up to 30,000 records from your desk. Data+ allows you to spend your time on more valuable workflows instead of wasting time on manual tasks.

  • Article Database Support

Use Data+ across multiple machines to improve consistency in processing and reporting. Achieve consistent quality that is reliable and easily traceable especially during an audit.

  • Achieve Consistent Product Quality

Centrally maintain your Pick&Pack kit bill of materials and formulation recipes to guide operators. Be confident there are zero errors when packaging kits and each recipe ingredient is on target for repeatable flavor or performance. This reduces your cost while improving your customer relationship.

  • User Friendly Interface for the Customer

User-friendly reporting functionality gets your reports completed faster, especially when compared regular manual programs. This reduces your time spent generating reports and allows for faster reaction time.

  • Download Software

Download a free trial of Data+ directly to your PC and contact your local Mettler Toledo representative to purchase a license within 45 days or download the Data+ Lite version for unlimited free use.

Collect+™ Data Collection Software

Powerful data collection and visualization software for monitoring your production process
  • Suitable for any Application

Collect+ is the perfect tool to gain insight into your production, whether your portioning food products, counting metal or plastic components, or monitoring levels in your chemical tanks. Watch the video to see what Collect+ can do for you.

  • Complete Solution for Process Monitoring

Collect+™ data collection and visualization software can bring a new perspective to your processes by graphically representing process trends and enabling you to make informed business decisions. Transparent views into your operation are critical to maintaining high quality and profitable manufacturing.

  • Knowledge at your Fingertips

Your collected data is centrally stored for easy analysis, in realtime, with tools such as Microsoft Excel. You can also take your visualizations on-the-go with web-based dashboards that can be accessed from any PC or mobile device.

  • Your Trusted Solution Partner

Let our experts help you to find the best weighing solution for your process.  Combine the flexibility of our software solutions with the durability of our equipment to assure a complete and robust solution for your operation.

  • Production Data Collected in One Place

Collect live production data from any device in your production environment and store it centrally for easy access.

  • Integrated Dashboard Visualizations

Display graphical representations of the collected data and additional production attributes with the integrated dashboard tool.

  • View Your Data Anywhere

Distribute the information to individuals and systems anywhere via web based dashboard displays and remote Excel data access.

Specifications – Software Collect+ System
Material Number(s)30243825

Configuration Backup/Restore Software

Save and restore the setup parameters from a PC
  • Designed for METTLER TOLEDO industrial weighing terminals

The InSite Configuration Tool is an application for the PC that can be used to save the values of various terminal setup parameters and restore them at a later date, or to copy configurations into other terminals.  Supported terminals include IND and ICS model Mettler Toledo weighing terminals.

  • Easy to Use

Provides easy back-up and restore of METTLER TOLEDO weighing terminal configuration files via either a serial or Ethernet connection.

  • Ready for the Global Market

InSite offers multiple user languages which match the available user languages within the weighing terminal.  Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

  • Secure

Password protection on the terminal prevents inadvertant or unauthorized changes to the terminal configuration, both via InSite and via the weighing terminal HMI.

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