IND246 Weighing Terminal

Basic weighing, over/under checkweighing, vehicle weighing, and piece counting

Integrated Application Software

In addition to simple weighing IND246  comes pre-configured with five transaction weighing applications ready to use; Animal weighing, counting, checkweighing, peak weight measurement, and vehicle weighing.  Pre-designed print templates provide fast and easy start-up no matter which application is selected.

Effective Connectivity


Effective User Interface

The intuitive software and flexible softkeys allow operators to complete a transaction quickly and efficiently.  Multi-lingual menus and messages allow for adaption for use in a variety of locations.  The bright, backlit, graphic display is easily readable under a variety of ambient lighting conditions.

Rechargeable Internal Battery Version

The IP66 protected internal long life battery design with fast replacement allows for high uptime when a battery powered terminal is required.

IND246 and IND246 POWERCELL Weighing Terminals

Application Versatility for General-Purpose Transaction Weighing

The IND246 terminal provides best-in-class flexibility, performance and operator interface for simple weighing or for specific basic level applications, including checkweighing, inbound/outbound vehicle weighing, peak weight measurement, animal weighing and counting.

The IND246 analog terminal is available in an NiMH battery-powered version, making it easy to position where it is needed.

The POWERCELL® version offers digital performance for basic vehicle weighing, using up to 12 PDX® or GDD load cells.

The terminals feature a large backlit graphic LCD display, an operator-friendly keypad layout with function, alphanumeric and navigation keys, support for SD memory card, and application-specific print templates. These characteristics make the IND246 series the most versatile general purpose transaction weighing terminals available.

  • 100 – 240 VAC power, or NiMH battery model (analog version only)
  • Alphanumeric keypad for quick entry of tare and ID information
  • Large, back-lit graphic LCD display, readable under varying light conditions
  • Automatic shut-off and backlight timout features help extend battery life
  • Isolated COM1 and optional COM2 serial ports
  • Flexible connectivity via optional COM2, Ethernet and USB ports
  • Control of external devices using Discrete I/O
  • Support for PC-based File Transfer Tool to transfer ID or target tables to and from the terminal

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