DU-Line Heavy-Duty Floor Scales

Low-Profile Floor Scales for Many Applications


Ruggedness with better weighing accuracy

The DU-Line floor scale combines robust construction and an exceptionally low profile. It is durable enough to provide accurate, reliable weighing while standing up to constant use in industrial environments. The platform's ultra-low profile simplifies the job of moving loads onto and off the scale. Thanks to new product options and a wide range of accessories, the DU Line can adapt to your demands.


Adjustable feet for better accuracy

The rocker pin automatically aligns in blind-hole load point, concentrating all vertical loads at one point on the load cell. Adjustable feet make it easy to level the scale on uneven floors.


High-accuracy Load Cells

The integrated load cells are both IP68 & IP67 protected making them useful for any kind of harsh and wet conditions. IP68 load cells are hermatically sealed with a welded cover to keep out moisture and dirt.


Wide weighing range available

The DU-Line is available with a weighing range of 600 to 1500kg with a variety of platform sizes available. The platform material can be constructed of stainless and mild steel depending upon application and equipment usage. It can also be connected with terminals, such as the IND570 or ICS series.

DU-Line Heavy-Duty Floor Scales

Heavy-duty low-profile floor scales


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