Aluminium Single Point Load Cells

Accurate and reliable strain gauge load cells for scales or conversion of small structures.


Easy Integration

These load cells are ideal for retail and industrial bench scales, packaging and processing machines, and small tank and hopper scales. Low profiles and simple interfaces make integration easy. A broad capacity range makes them usable in a wide range of applications. Because only one load cell is used per scale, a junction box is not required. 


Fully Approved

Global approvals such as OIML, NTEP, ATEX are available as standard; thus the load cells can be used globally in legal-for-trade systems and in hazardous areas. The full set of approvals allows versatility and ensures safety in a broad range of applications. 



The passivated aluminium provides good corrosion resistance for many dry industrial applications. The electrical circuit is potted and protected against dust and humidity to IP67 rating.

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