Economic Load Cells SLB215, SLB415

Single-ended beam load cells can be used to convert any structure into a Weighing Scale.


Easy Integration

The SLB215 Beam Load Cell is equipped with a threaded load-introduction hole.This makes the load cell very easy to integrate into new or existing weighing systems. The threaded load-introduction hole is the optimum solution for floor scales and weighing platforms where a threaded foot provides easy height adjustment.  The SLB415 Beam Load Cell has a blind load-introduction hole for use with a rocker pin, the best choice for high precision applications. 


Protection Class

SLB215/SLB415 load cells are made from nickel-plated alloy steel and are hermetically sealed by laser welding. This protects the load cell from moisture for the best reliability, stability and measuring performance. These load cells have IP67 protection class. 



The optional Expansion and Vibration Kit (EVK/EVKT) ensures optimal performance despite thermal expansion/contraction and vibration. The EVK/EVKT in combination with a base plate is a cost-effective solution but any required safety restraint must be provided externally. The Foot Kit (FTK/FTKT) is very convenient for floor scale applications where height adjustment is important.  

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