BBA256x Basic Bench Scale

Fully stainless steel & intrinsically safe Bench Scale ideal for your hazardous environment.


Versatile and Safe

With reliable and intrinsically safe technology, the BBA256x bench scale is a safe and versatile weighing solution for any Zone 1/21 and Div. 1 environment.  It is a perfect fit in many chemical and pharmaceutical applications with a need for durability, uncompromised cleanliness and maximum protection against impact of harsh chemicals fine dust, and wash downs. 

The BBA256x intrinsically safe bench scale consists of an IND256x terminal, a PBA426x weighing platform and a column.


Hygienic and Durable



Economically Priced

The BBA256x offers METTLER TOLEDO quality in an economical & cost effective package, while supporting a wide range of applications for different use cases in hazardous and harsh environments.


Simple Installation

This pre-configured bench scale makes the field installation fast and easy. The bundle approach and the internal power supply reduces the installation costs, saves on installation time and allows for quicker turnaround to a working scale. 

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