Curved / Radius Screens and Cylinders

In addition to flat panels, wedge wire can be readily made up into full cylinders and segments of cylinders. The screening face can lie on either the outside or the insides of the cylinder, depending on the particular application.

We Supply Curved Screens, Cylinders and Radius Screens
Curved wedge wire sieve bends are used to a considerable extent in chemical plants, ore and coal mines, abattoirs, cane and sugar beet refineries, vegetable processing plants, paper factories, and also pulp factories. Additionally in almost any process industry where filtration and de-watering of slurries and separation of solids from liquids is required.

If reinforcements are required we will add them, providing the strongest and most cost effective welded wedge wire screens on the market. Usual materials are stainless steels in AISI grades 304 and 316. Other metals are also available.

As well as the usual flat or curved screens, welded wedge wire can be made into tubes and cylinders, with radial or straight slots. The screen surface can be on the inside or outside of the cylinder. This can give flow in-to-out, or out-to-in. Usually made in stainless steel grade AISI 304 but other grades are also available.

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