Metal Conveyor Belts | Honeycomb Belt

Metal Conveyor belts and food grade Honeycomb belts have established themselves as the premier material available to industry for the majority of conveyor applications

Metal Conveyor Belts

Screen Systems metal conveyor belts and food grade honeycomb belts manufactured specifically to bespoke requirements. These belts are used for multiple purposes including food freezing, assembly being brazed at 1,080  ̊C, vegetables passing through a wash cycle to bread being baked in a continuous oven, in addition confectionery to heavy forgings. Chain mesh for metal food grade conveyor belts and food grade honeycomb belts is produced to your individual specification. We manufacture a wide variety of metal conveyor belts including honeycomb belts, chain link, spiral, duplex and also wire link belts.

Metal belts are exceptionally stable and also function well under extremes of temperature. In addition, they are available in a wide range of materials and any standard of cleanliness or hygiene is met. Subsequently, Screen Systems metal conveyor belts are hard at work in a multitude of industries:

Food industry – used for:

Sizing, washing, blanching, drying, frying, freezing, canning, baking, cooling, wrapping, packing and also bottling.

Heat treatment – used for:

Brazing, blueing, carbursing, hardening, washing, degreasing, nitriding, pickling, in addition sintering, quenching, rinsing, tempering, drawing, and also enameling.

Ceramics and glass industries:

Annealing, decorating including sanding etc.

These are some of the specific applications however Screen Systems metal belts are at work throughout the process industries in a multitude of applications from delicate glassware to heavy forging.

Why ScreenSystems Metal Belts?

We not only manufacture the belts indicated in this website but work to bespoke requirements in a wide range of materials. So, if you can’t see a belt to solve your conveying problem then speak to our team; we have a wealth of practical and also technical experience to place at your disposal.

Types Of Belts

  • Food grade conveyor belts
  • Plain chain link belts
  • Rod reinforced chain link belts
  • Duplex
  • Round coil
  • Balanced spiral belts
  • Flat spiral belts
  • Cordweave – close mesh belt
  • Wire link
  • Ladder belts
  • Chain, crossflights and also sideplates
  • Honeycomb belts (food grade)

Typical Applications

  • General industry
  • Quarrying and Mining
  • Food industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Paper industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Architectural – ballustrading and sun screening

Case Study - Food Grade Conveyor Belts for Ovens

Screen Systems have completed a project for food grade conveyor belts used for annealing in an oven. BSW 54-18-36-18 and the material used to create the product was 80/20 Nickel Chrome.

Case Study - Wedge Wire Chain Link for Oil Filtering Machines

Screen Systems completed a project for a wedge wire chain link for oil filtering machines. This is used together with the chain mesh honeycomb belt (a type of metal conveyor belt).


Case Study - Chain Mesh for Conveyor belts

Screen Systems recently completed a project for chain mesh. The specifications were ½” x 1” x 3/8” x 18/11swg x 1.125” pitch, in addition a special loop to attach chain link sides.


Case Study - Stainless Steel Metal Belts for Steel Industry

Stainless steel metal belts are used in the steel industry for the rolling of steel plate during manufacture. These stainless steel metal belts were sling welded on the edges, therefore giving extra strength. In addition, created with stainless steel 304, IBSW 59-14-38-14.

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