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Screen System’s range of rundown screens, also known as parabolic screens and sidehill screens, have many benefits. These include a high capacity, cost effective and also highly efficient method of solids and liquids separation. They use stainless steel wedge wire as the screening medium 0.010″–0.25mm to 0.125″–3.12mm.

The Design

Each parabolic screen unit is designed to suit the requirements of the customer as well as the application, enabling a low cost solution for separating solids and also liquids. Consisting of a basic outer casing, manufactured in mild steel or stainless steel. Each unit incorporates a distribution chamber and feed weir, over which the effluent passes onto the wedge wire panel, set at right angles to the material flow, enabling the separating process to commence. Separated solids collect on the lower half of the screen to drain and compact. After that, they slide by gravity onto a solids discharge chute, the extracted liquid pass through the wedge wire into an underflow collecting chamber, with a disposal outlet for either re-circulation or discharge.


Rundown screens and parabolic screens are free standing, have no moving parts and also virtually maintenance free. With their easily reversible three stage screen panels for longer screen life, they provide increased dewatering efficiencies over other similar curved screening elements.

Technical Data

Parabolic screens are designed and manufactured in a combination of four standard unit heights, with widths ranging from 500 to 3,000 mm. This is dependant on the application as well as capacities required to be screened, furthermore, high capacities utilise purpose designed multiple units.


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Housing in 3 mm thick plate


  • 316 stainless steel or 304 construction
  • Range of wedge wire shapes and designs, Coanda (straight, looped, waved) to match applications
  • Vapour enclosure if required
  • Front or rear spray bars
  • Swivel screens for ease of cleaning


  • SHB – Single housing containing multiple decks
  • SHL – 54″ long extended screen deck
  • SHS – 42″ long standard screen deck
  • SHM 38″ or shorter, mini screen deck
  • The smaller run down screens are built to swivel for easy cleaning.

Case Study - Rundown Screen for Cider Works

Screen Systems have recently completed a project for a rundown unit for a traditional cider works. The rundown screen is used to remove apple solids and also leaves from the water before it is discharged. The unit is complete with swivel screen and tri-clamps. The customer upgraded from perforated panels to wedge wire screens on the brush screen.

Made using stainless steel 304 throughout, 1200mm high x 1000mm wide, 1.0mm aperture x 28SB wire, to be used for dewatering.

Case Study - Rundown Screen for Municipal Works

Screen Systems have recently completed a project for 3 parabolic screens for a municipal works. Pivoted in the middle, therefore allowing the screen to swing 180 degrees from its working position, enabling easy cleaning at the back of the screen and inside the unit. As a result without heavy lifting equipment to remove the screen.

Typical Applications

  • Food processing
  • Sewage and water treatment
  • Brewing, distilling, malting
  • Paper processing
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Wood processingMineral processing
  • Textile finishing
  • Abattoirs
  • Tanneries
  • Agricultural
  • Poultry
  • Vegetable processing

    Data sheets available for our Screentex Product Range including

    • Rundown screens/sidehill screens
    • Upward flow wedge wire clarifier
    • Upward flow clarifiers

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