Bench and Floor Scale Automation Terminals

Weighing terminals for bench-, compact- and floor-scale applications requiring automation integration

The multiple-channel IND780 runs and sums up to four scales to meet any process- or transaction-based weighing application for maximum productivity.


Repeatable results for up to four scales

Suitable for Hazardous Areas

Zone 2/22 and Division 2 approved


Custom programmable with ability to interface directly with SQL database applications


Quick multi-processor for weight comparisons


Multiple scale, I/O and communication options


Ethernet, USB and SQL data replication for powerful system integration

Designed for performance and versatility, the IND570 terminal is easy to integrate into industrial weighing systems and processes.

Versatile Options

Ethernet, serial, I/O, PLC interface, and USB allow for integration with many peripheral devices to create a complete system

Flexible Control Options

Supports multiple fieldbus types and both internal and external I/O for automated control of material transfer equipment

Ready for Filling & Dosing

Both simple target control as well as advanced automated sequences provide productivity enhancement capabilities

Integrated Performance Monitoring

A variety of diagnostics and asset management functions provide insight into equipment operation

Suitable for Hazardous Areas

Zone 2/22 and Division 2 approved

This versatile weighing terminal enables precise and efficient control of tasks from basic weighing to filling and dosing for any industry.

Easy to Use

Bright OLED display provides good readability under varying lighting conditions


Small footprint for either panel mount or din rail use

Versatile Connectivity

Supports multiple PLC fieldbus, DIO, serial interface

Optimized target control

Two-speed material transfer capability

Suitable for Hazardous Areas

Zone 2/22 and Division 2 approved

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