0970 Ringmount Redundant Weigh Modules

Ringmount Redundant compression weigh modules for processing tank and vessel scales.


Redundant Sensors

To avoid bad batches and provide maximum uptime Ringmount Redundant weigh modules provide two systems operating in parallel, providing weight data even if one system becomes non-operational.  Use Redundant Ringmount when production downtime cannot be tolerated.


High Accuracy

0970 Redundant Ringmount Weigh Modules are available with C6 OIML analog load cells.


Built-in Safety Features



Corrosion Resistant

0970 Redundant Ringmount  Weigh Modules are provided with grade 316 stainless steel mounting plates standard; providing a high degree of corrosion resistance in harsh environments.  


Tank Scale Calibration Services

Discover various tank scale calibration services from METTLER TOLEDO. Compare different methods based on tank size, and learn the pros and cons of each. See how our globally available services help ensure the proper performance of tank scales.

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