SWB505/SWC515 Multi-Purpose Weigh Modules

Multi-Purpose compression weigh modules for conversion of tank, hopper, conveyor into a scale.


Full Safety on Board

All safety features like Lift-Off Protection, 360° Checking, Safety-Downstop are integrated. Thus the system is safe, no matter what.


Installation Made Easy

SafeLock™ locks the Weigh Module at installation and protects the Load Cell from overload. Thus nothing can go wrong during installation. No need to purchase expensive dummy blocks. The weigh module can even be installed without the load cell when load cell damages want to be avoided under all circumstances.


Versatile Usage

Accessories allow to adapt to the specific application. Stabilizers for mixing tanks, Thermal-Pads for hot tanks and Dummy-Load Cells for level detection applications are available.


Fully approved to Global Standards



Tank Scale Calibration Services

Discover various tank scale calibration services from METTLER TOLEDO. Compare different methods based on tank size, and learn the pros and cons of each. See how our globally available services help ensure the proper performance of tank scales.


CalFree - Weightless Calibration

Weigh Modules support weightless calibration CalFree. That allows to calibrate tank scales without using test weights.

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