IND215 Flame Proof weighing Terminal for Hazardous Area

Compact weighing terminal for simple weighing in potentially explosive environments


Better Safety Standards

The 8 type of arrangement ensures double safety due to double sealing points. Indirect entry of cables ensures sparks be terminated in the terminal box.


Less Risk

Double Compression Glands for cable entries ensuring no leakage of hazardous gases and powders into the enclosure. Teflon Tape Sealing to ensure tight fit glands. Increased safety due to epoxy resin sealing.


Easy to Operate with better accuracy

Locking key available for trouble-free operation. Hinges provided for proper alignment and easy maintenance. Warning Plate with necessary instruction. Highly advanced  PCB with 24 bit ADC


Higher Quality Standards ensures trouble free operations

O-ring for IP65 protection. High Quality Zener Barrier for increase in protection. Epoxy resin sealing ensures better safety.

IND215 Flame Proof weighing terminal

Basic weighing in explosive environment with high safety standards


  • Gain process efficiency and reduce errors

The IND215 flame proof weighing terminal offers simple weighing for use in hazardous areas. Flexible power options make this terminal well-suited for basic weighing applications in Zone 2/22 and Gas group IIA & IIB.


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