N-Line Heavy-Duty Floor Scales

Exceptional Accuracy and Durability in Industrial Environments


Rugged and Accurate

N-Line floor scales are designed with heavy industrial applications in mind. They can handle 100 percent end-loading, making them ideal for concentrated-load applications. They can withstand harsh and corrosive environments. The hygienic design makes them suitable for any kind of food and pharma applications.


High-Accuracy Load Cells

Load cells included are both IP68 & IP67, making them useful for any kind of harsh and wet conditions. IP68 load cells are hermatically sealed with a welded cover to keep out moisture and dirt.


Rocker Pin Technology for Better Accuracy

The rocker pin automatically aligns in the blind-hole load point, concentrating all vertical load at one point on the load cell. The fixed end and side bumpers protect the load cell from side-loading damage. This type of compensation system is more duarable and realiable than threaded connections. Fixed lower receiver helps to keep rocker pin in ideal weighing positions and requires no adjustments.


Wide Weighing Range

The N-Line weighing range is+C26 600 to 3,000 kilograms with a variety of platform sizes available. The platform can be constructed with MS/MS, SS/MS and SS/SS, depending upon application and equipment usage. 

N-Line Heavy-Duty Floor Scales

Exceptional Weighing Accuracy and Durability


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