Heavy Capacity and Special Constructions

Designed for Heavy-Duty Weighing


Floor scales built to handle the heaviest loads

LIFTMATE floor scales are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. With capacities up to 60,000 pounds, they are ideal for weighing steel coils and for handling the concentrated loads applied by large forklifts. Optional coil cradles are available to save time by simplifying loading. LIFTMATE floor scales are built to handle the heaviest loads, with robust I-beams supporting the platform. Standard sizes range from 60"–x-60 inches" to 96"–x-120 inches".


PG/PGV series floor scales use double platforms

Between the two platforms, there are helical compression springs, which can absorb the impact energy from loads. It is equipped with precision load cells and an intelligent weighing terminal. It offers excellent impact resistance, high fatigue resistance, reliable accuracy, fast weighing and is easy to operate. It also features a unique design for easy maintenance. PG/PGV series scales are especially suitable for weighing applications, in which goods are moved by cranes. It not only can effectively absorb the impact when goods are loaded for weighing, but it also can protect the load cells. The PG/PGV series is now widely used in the metallurgical, building materials, warehousing, freight and pier weighing applications.

LIFTMATE Floor Scale, MS

Rugged scales for heavy industrial use

LIFTMATE™ floor scales are available in 40,000-pound and 60,000-pound capacities for heavy-duty industrial use. They are ideal for weighing steel coils and heavy freight with large forklifts. The scale platform can be fitted with an optional coil cradle. Rugged carbon steel construction with heavy-duty I-beams supporting the platform. Can be mounted above floor or in a pit. Rocker pin suspension automatically centers the scale platform for accurate weighing of every load. Standard sizes: 5′ x 5′ (1,524 mm x 1,524 mm) to 8′ x 10′ (2,438 mm x 3,048 mm).

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