EZ-CLEAN Floor Scales

For hygienic weighing and simple cleaning


EZ-CLEAN floor scales offer safety and hygiene

EZ-CLEAN floor scales are pit-type scales that combine stainless- steel construction with complete access for cleaning. Pneumatic cylinders that lift the scale to provide cleaning access can be operated easily by one person. Just by flipping a switch, the entire scale tilts 45 degrees, exposing all surfaces. An automatic safety restrains the platform if pneumatic pressure is lost. Unauthorized personnel can be prevented from operating cleaning cycles when desired for added safety.

EZ-CLEAN Floor Scale, SS

Cleaning Made Easy … Inside and Out

EZ-CLEAN™ VERTEX® floor scales are designed for applications that require frequent washdown and attention to sanitation. This pit-type scale has a pneumatically operated tilting platform with a patented automatic safety system to ensure that all operations are completed safely and efficiently. It provides full access to the pit for cleaning. The scale can be used immediately after cleaning without recalibration, increasing uptime. Durable stainless steel construction. EZ-CLEAN™ incorporates our rugged VERTEX® construction and proven performance to deliver long-term reliable and repeatable weighing.

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