FreeWeigh.NET for Statistical Quality Control

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Universal, most powerful Statistical Quality Control (SQC) for any industry

FreeWeigh.NET for Statistical Quality and Process Control is a PC based software solution that allows to control and fine tune perfectly customer production process. Modular license model allows system adoption to any needs. Flexibility and ease of use allows further optimization of production, increase quality and productivity.

With a Web-base Test Place Module customer will be able to run a test module and move across the production plant with one mobile PC, using a standard web browsers and without additional sofware installation.   

Furthermore it is the ideal solution to collect any attributes of quality data and enables use of Testplans. Watch the video and imagine what other quality measures could you controll using  FreeWeigh.Net? 


Compliance and production cost control

FreeWeigh.Net provides all relevant tools to avoid underfilling and comply with legal legislations, including its Audit Trail and 21 CFR Part 11 Modules. At the same time production process is still monitored to reduce undesired overfilling and provide your production cost optimization.


Comprehensive overview of quality processes

Use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to get early information about process deviations. Ensure targeted process results to be kept as specified.


Validation of Weighing Processes

Freeweigh.Net analyzes weighing data to continuously monitor critical process parameters. Comply with specific regulations regarding validation of computerized systems and handling of electronic records and signatures.

Software FWN System

Excellence in SQC.
  • Comprehensive Standard Package

Statistical methods for analysis of process deviations based on sample data acquisition. Typically for net content control of prepacked products.

  • System Benefits

Seamless and traceable documentation of the production and fill process. Guided operation at the Testplace for efficient data acquisition.

  • Regulated Industries

Complies with stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Ready for US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant operation.

Specifications – Software FWN System
Networked SQC/SPC system
Modular expandable
Centralized database
3 concurrent clients included
Online monitoring and alarms
Standard reports included
Material Number(s)21900895

Compact Scale ICS685s-rem-3SM/f

Excellence in SQC.

Robust and Reliable

The ICS685 is a precision scale that provides a complete test place solution in one device. It offers a direct connection to the networked FreeWeigh.Net® quality control system.

  • Compact and User-Friendly

Installation and operation are made easy with a convenient graphical display and standard built-in Ethernet interface.

  • Efficient Acquisition of Quality Data

Intuitive product selection and random sample functionality allows users to quickly gather net content control and attributive data. The system provides immediate feedback with updated statistics.

Specifications – Compact Scale ICS685s-rem-3SM/f
Maximum Capacity6 lb (3 kg)
Readability0.001 lb (0.5 g)
Readability (Certified)0.5 g
Platform Size (LxW)200 mm x 240 mm
InterfacesRS232; Ethernet
HousingAluminum Diecast
DisplayColor TFT screen
Protection RatingIP54
Material Number(s)22024479
Trade NameICS685rem

License Remote-XPE

Excellence in SQC.
Specifications – License Remote-XPE
FreeWeigh.Net® balance option
Software for XPE balances
Connects to FreeWeigh.Net®
Touch-screen operation
Balance retrofitable
Material Number(s)30209559
Trade NameRemote XPE Software

FreeWeigh.Net Remote Terminal for Wet Areas – ICS669rem

Excellence in SQC.
Specifications – FreeWeigh.Net Remote Terminal for Wet Areas – ICS669rem
Material Number(s)22024497


Excellence in SQC.
  • Robust and Reliable SQC Terminal

Industrial terminal for direct connection to the networked FreeWeigh.Net® quality control system. Complete Testplace solution for one scale.

  • Compact Solution for Wet Environment

IP69k compliant stainless steel housing is ideal for use in wet and challenging environment. Standard built-in Ethernet interface.

  • Efficient Quality Data Acquisition

Quick selection of product and start of random sample for net content control and attributive data. Immediate feedback with updated statistics.

Specifications – ICS689g-rem
Dimensions (WxHxD)10.24 in x 6.69 in x 4.49 in (260 mm x 170 mm x 114 mm)
DisplayColor TFT screen
HousingStainless Steel
Protection RatingIP68; IP69k
VoltageBattery Version; DC Version; AC Version
Hygenic DesignYes
Material Number(s)22201316

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