IND930SQC for Statistical Quality Control

All-in-one - Easy to Use - Intuitive


Check out the product in action and listen customer experience

This short video shows an IND930SQC solution working in the real environment. Get a first impression of the product capabilities and learn more about benefits it can bring to your production.


Easy to use

IND930SQC, with its touch screen and intuitive user interface allows to control and fine tune customer production process in the easiest possible way.


Complete solution to start Statistical Quality Control of your production

IND930SQC is a complete, stand alone solution containing everything you need for single station Statistical Quality Control. Neither IT infrastructure nor skilled technical personnel are needed.

Weighing Terminal IND930SQC

Statistical Quality Control.
  • Ensure Consistency

The IND930 terminal offers the SQC-930 application, which controls consistency of net content to ensure constant high quality throughout the production process.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Product-specific tolerance limits can be defined, allowing users to comply with regulatory standards and guidelines.

  • Real-time Information

SQC-930 provides real-time information that allows immediate response and adjustments to avoid production problems.

Specifications – Weighing Terminal IND930SQC
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