POWERCELL® Load Cells: SLB615D

Highest accuracy single-ended beam load cells convert any structure into a weighing scale.


Highest accuracy C10 and NTEP 10000d III M

SLB615D POWERCELL® provides extremely high accuracy up to OIML R60 C10 and NTEP 10000d III M which is three times better than typical. The internal microprocessor continuously compensates for environmental factors to provide the most accurate weight, and monitors key parameters for predictive diagnostics. The SLB615D load cell is the optimal choice for any form of multi-load cell scale when accuracy and reliability are key. 


Connectors and Cables

POWERCELL® load cells are easy to install, connecting to one another and the terminal in a simple daisy-chain network. Data transmission is via CAN Bus for a very robust digital signal not affected by cable gauge and length, damp, etc.. No junction box is required thus eliminating a common source of error. The load cells have M12 industrial cable connectors allowing the load cell or cable to be replaced independently without affecting system performance. 



Load cell failures very often go undetected in analog systems. With POWERCELL® load cells this cannot happen. The weight information from each load cell is handled separately for monitoring by the terminal which can judge system condition and provide Predictive Maintenance recommendations. Load cell overload or failure, out-of-symmetry errors, or out-of-range temperature signals are recognized immediately and corrective action initiated, often allowing the scale to operate until the load cell is replaced.


CalFree Plus

Every POWERCELL® load cell is equipped with an on-board microprocessor and, as part of the manufacturing process, the load cell's calibration data is stored in its memory. When the system is hooked-up, the calibration data is transferred without error to the terminal and the scale can be calibrated in seconds by CalFree Plus. In the unlikely event of a load cell failure, the calibration data for the replacement load cell is read and the  scale can be recalibrated easily by CalFree Plus.

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